Welcome to the Crystal Ball Beach Café. Newly established in 2018, the Café extends to locals and visitors, a place to enjoy the local Niagara area.


From the freshly roasted coffee, to breakfast pastries and toasted Panini sandwiches, everything at Crystal Ball is sourced from local suppliers.


The café also celebrates local artists and gives visitors a real opportunity to taste and experience what Niagara and Crystal Beach have to offer.

The physical space represents a blend of old and new. Originally built in 1940, this building has served as a dairy distributor, hat haberdashery , sundries store and now, café. Old world meets new age beach house. The space is bright and lively, intended to make visitors feel welcome.

Outside there is what appears to be a large metal flower. The flower is actually a solar collection device that is used to fuel the electrical needs of the cafe. This flower is part of Crystal Ball's commitment to the environment.


The cafe serves on biodegradable and recyclable packaging products so the only thing left on the beach, are your foot prints!

Crystal Ball Beach Cafe

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Tel: (416) 729-0425

4028 Erie Road, Crystal Beach

Ontario, Canada